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Student   visas   are   designed   for   those   who   wish   to   pursue   further   studies   in   the   United   States. United   States   attracts   thousands   of   academic   students   and   visitors   on   exchange   program every year. Academic and Vocational Students (F and M visas) F-1 Academic Students Foreign   students   are   allowed   to   study   in   world   class   universities,   colleges,   high   schools   or post   secondary   school.   Students   must   enroll   themselves   into   a   academic   institution   in   US   in a   full   time   study   course.   Basic   requirement   includes   the   evidence   of   sufficient   funds   to manage the cost of living and study along with the health and character requirements. In   most   cases   the   students   are   allowed   to   work   up   to   20   hours   a   week.   Special   approval   is required to do job for more than 20 hours a week. F-2 Souses And Children Of F-1 Spouses   and   un-married   children   who   are   of   21   years   of   age   or   below   can   apply   for   an   F-2 visa.   It   is   not   allowed   to   work   or   study   for   the   immigrating   spouse.   For   the   children   it   is allowed to study in primary or secondary school. M-1 Vocational Students Those   students   who   wish   to   attend   a   vocational   or   non   academic   school   for   the   development of   certain   skills   needed   to   perform   a   particular   job.   The   student   must   engage   oneself   to   a study   course   of   minimum   18   hours   per   week.   The   details   of   sufficient   maintenance   funds and   letter   from   a   vocational   institution   in   US   are   required   for   applying   for   visa   under   this category. M-2 Spouses and Children Of M-1 Successful   M-1   student   is   allowed   to   bring   their   spouses   and   unmarried   children   less   than   21 years   of   age   to   stay   in   US   during   the   stay.   Only   children   are   allowed   to   attend   a   primary   or secondary school without having a separate student visa. Exchange Visitors (J visas) J-1 Exchange Visitors This   visa   category   allows   foreign   students   to   experience   and   study   in   the   United   States   at secondary   school,   college   or   university   level. Those   government   financed   students   who   want to   visit   US   for   certain   degree   or   non   degree   programs   also   apply   for   US   visa   under   J-1 category. The   applicants   must   be   enrolled   into   certain   course   in   registered   college   or   university   in   US. The   evidence   of   funds   should   also   be   provided   to   bear   all   expenses   in   US.   A   visa   is   granted for a period up to 24 months. J-2 Spouses and Children Of J-1 Spouses   and   unmarried   minor   children   are   also   eligible   to   apply   for   visa   to   accompany   the   J- 1    in    US.    If    the    work    authorization    application    is    approved    the    spouses    can    also    get employment in US.
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