Visit Visa-United States of America 

Travel/Visitor   visas   allow   people   to   travel   to   the   United   States   on   a   short-term   basis   for pleasure,    sightseeing,    friend/family    meeting,    medical    treatment    or    certain    business activities. There are two types of travel visas available: Visitor for Business (B-1) This   visa   category   allows   business   people   who   are   on   a   temporary   visit   to   conduct   business meeting   to   stay   up   to   six   months   in   US.   The   visa   can   also   be   extended   for   a   period   of   six months if required. People   who   are   visiting   for   business   consulting,   attending   a   conference   or   seminar,   to negotiate   a   contract,   to   participate   in   a   training   program   or   on   a   transit   visit   in   US   are accounted for in B-1 visa category. Visitors for Pleasure (B-2) The   people   who   are   visiting   US   for   tourism   purposes   and   will   not   engage   themselves   into   any business   activities   are   allowed   a   six   month   stay   under   B-2   visitor   category.   An   option   to extend   the   stay   for   another   6   month   is   also   available.   The   persons   on   a   visit   for   medical treatment must show the proof of the said purpose like medical history etc.
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