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Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Worker US   immigration   services   allows   temporary   workers   to   lawfully   engage   in   employment   under this   category.   The   American   employer   is   required   to   apply   for   non   immigrant   temporary worker   visa.   There   are   various   work   fields   of   employment   and   visa   category   including agriculture,   non-agriculture,   medical   and   religious   worker.   The   length   of   the   visa   is   up   to one   year   and   can   be   extended   up   to   maximum   of   three   years.   The   applicant   must   show   the job offer letter from a US employer. Permanent (immigrant) Worker Skilled   workforces   who   seek   US   immigration   are   encouraged   to   apply   under   permanent worker   category.   There   are   thousands   of   visas   available   every   year   for   permanent   workers who   possess   adequate   skills,   education   and   work   experience.   There   are   five   subcategories according   to   the   preference.   The   persons   with   extraordinary   ability   or   is   an   executive   in some field can apply under first preference permanent worker visa. Temporary Visitor for Tourists & Business  A   temporary   visitor   to   US   who   wish   to   engage   in   business   negotiations   or   to   attend   a business   conference   can   apply   for   temporary   business   visa. The   applicant   must   be   on   a   short business trip and must have sufficient funds to bear the expenses.
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