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Tier   4   (General)   category   allows   overseas   students   to   come   to   UK   for   study   purposes   at various   educational   levels.   There   is   a   wide   range   and   depth   in   the   courses   offered   at colleges and universities level. Adult Students Tier   4   category   allows   an   adult   student   to   come   UK   for   education   purposes   under   points based   system.   Both   short   and   long   term   courses   duration   are   available   but   minimum   course length   should   be   6   month.   The   applicant   is   required   to   show   the   acceptance   by   an   approved UK    educational    institution.    Evidence    of    the    sufficient    maintenance    (funds)    for    self accommodation is also required. The   student   is   not   allowed   to   go   for   a   full   time   employment   rather   he/she   is   permitted   to have   a   part   time   job   or   a   permitted   vacation   work.   The   adult   students   are   allowed   to   work up   to   20   hours   per   week   and   can   work   full   time   during   vacation.   After   completing   the education the student can apply for work visa to start his professional career. Child Students Tier   4   child   visa   is   for   those   children   having   an   age   of   4   to   17   years   and   who   want   to   study at   UK   in   a   full   time   course.   The   applicant   must   provide   the   proof   of   the   student   enrolment in   the   educational   institution.   The   proof   of   availability   of   funds   should   be   provided   for accommodation   and   to   pay   the   course   fee.   If   the   application   is   maintained   by   a   host   the relevant details should also be provided. The   student   must   be   enrolled   in   approved   UK   institutions   in   recognized   courses   to   study. The letter   from   the   parents   or   guardian   granting   permission   for   the   travel   and   accommodation should also be provided. The student is granted visa in accordance to the course length. Australia   has   a   special   system   of   health   cover   for   international   students   called   Overseas Student    Health    Cover    (OSHC).    Students    are    required    to    buy    OSHC    before    coming    to Australia. The   Department   of   Immigration   and   Citizenship   requires   you   to   maintain   OSHC   for the   duration   of   your   time   on   a   student   visa   in   Australia.   OSHC   will   help   you   to   pay   for   any medical   or   hospital   care   you   may   need   and   will   contribute   towards   the   cost   of   most prescribed medicines while you are studying in Australia.
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