Visit Visa-United Kingdom 

This   main   visa   category   allows   visitor   to   come   to   UK   after   meeting   certain   requirements.   In most cases maximum stay is allowed up to six months. General Visitor If   a   person   is   accompanied   by   an   academic   visitor,   he/she   can   stay   at   UK   for   up   to   12 months   under   general   visitor   category.   Otherwise   a   general   visitor’s   stay   should   not   exceed 6   months. The   applicant   is   required   to   show   evidence   of   business   in   case   of   self   employed   or leave letter from employer, property evidence and bank statements. Child Visitor A   child   under   the   age   of   18   can   have   a   UK   visa   up   to   6   moths   under   this   category.   If accompanying   an   academic   visitor   the   stay   can   be   extended   up   to   one   year.   The   applicant must   provide   evidence   of   the   child   stay   at   UK   and   a   letter   from   the   parent   or   guardian   and relevant contact details. Business and Special Visitors This   visa   category   allows   a   business   and   special   visitor   to   come   to   UK   usually   for   up   to   six months.   If   the   applicant   is   a   parent   of   a   child   at   school   the   stay   can   be   up   to   12   months.   If the person is a transit visitor the stay can be up to 48 hours. Private Medical Treatment A   person   who   wants   to   come   to   UK   for   a   private   medical   treatment   is   allowed   to   stay   usually up   to   six   month. A   letter   from   a   general   practitioner   showing   the   arrangements   and   duration of   private   medical   treatment   along   with   other   general   requirements   showing   the   financial worth of the person is required. Marriage and Civil Partnership An   individual   is   allowed   to   visit   UK   to   get   married   or   for   a   civil   partnership   for   a   period   of six   month   or   less.   The   applicant   must   show   that   he/she   has   enough   money   to   support himself or he/she will be accommodated by relatives or friends. Sponsoring a General Visitor The   sponsor   of   a   general   visitor   must   provide   the   evidence   of   the   immigration   status   in   UK. The   sponsor   must   also   issue   the   letter   of   sponsorship   that   explains   the   relationship   with   the person who is applying for a visit visa. Group Travel This   visa   category   covers   those   individuals   who   are   visiting   UK   as   a   part   of   group   or   will   be joining   a   group   after   arriving   UK.   The   maximum   stay   under   this   scheme   should   not   exceed   6 months.
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