SWIFT   Educational   &   Immigration   Consultancy   Services    is   the   premier   consultancy   services for   students   who   want   to   study   overseas   and   we   provide   the   following   services   for   our students: • Student Visa Information and Immigration Rules & Regulations. • Excellent Academic Advising and Career Counseling. • TOEFL / IELTS/English Language Teaching. • Previous Qualifications Evaluation. • Admission Application Processing. • Course Selection and Advisory. • Choosing a Proper College/University/Institute of Higher Education. • Documents preparation Guidelines for Student Visa. • VISA Interview Preparation. • On Campus Housing/Possible Discount on Air ticket. • Pre-departure Orientation. • Guidance on matter relating to academic life abroad. The above services are offered mainly for the following countries: United States of America–Canada–United Kingdom–Australia–New Zealand & Ireland. We offer the Immigration Consultancy Services for those people who are keenly interested to get a second passport from any of the following countries: Australia– Canada & New Zealand The candidates who are registered with us for Immigration process for the permanent residency in the above countries, they get all of our following services: • Pre-assessment of qualifications & experience according to the Immigration Rules &    Regulations. • Detailed information about the permanent residency programs and opportunities    available in different countries for the new immigrants. • Preparation of IELTS (General) examination for the candidates & special English Language    classes for their families. • Application filling for the Permanent Residency under skilled category program.  • Guidelines for the preparation of documents required by the concerned immigration    Authority. • Correspondence and contacts with the concerned Immigration Authority from the    beginning to end of the case on behalf of the candidate. • Visa Interview preparation. • Pre-departure orientation.
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