Visit Visa-Newzealand

Regular Visit Visa There   is   no   visa   required   for   a   temporary   visitor   and   who   belongs   to   a   visa   free   country.   The applicant   is   required   to   meet   the   basic   requirements   of   visa   including   the   evidence   of   funds to   support   himself   during   the   stay.   Minimum   of   NZ$   400   per   person   per   month   is   required   if the   visitor   has   already   paid   for   the   accommodation,   otherwise   NZ$   1000   is   required.   The applicant   can   show   the   evidence   of   funds   by   cash,   travelers’   cheques,   bank   drafts   or   credit card statement. Transit Visa A   visitor   who   is   on   transit   in   New   Zealand   is   required   a   transit   visa   if   he/she   does   not   belong to   a   visa   free   country.   The   person   traveling   to   their   next   destination Australia   also   does   not require   having   a   transit   visa.   Transit   visa   allows   the   visitor   to   stay   up   to   48   hours   in   New Zealand.
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