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Skilled Migrant Category This   visa   allows   the   skilled   individual   to   make   New   Zealand   his   permanent   residence   and   to explore   employment   opportunities.   The   applicant   is   required   to   have   an   age   of   20-55   years with    basic    requirements    of    health    and    English    language.    Depending    upon    the    case assessment the successful applicant is granted a permit or residence visa. If   a   person   has   started   his   professional   career   under   skilled   category   in   New   Zealand   work permit within nine months, he/she can apply for residence visa. Work to Residence An   applicant   can   chose   to   work   in   New   Zealand   temporarily   leading   towards   his   permanent settlement.   The   applicant   must   comply   with   the   terms   and   conditions   of   visa   including   good health and character. Residence from Work The   individual   who   is   working   in   New   Zealand   for   two   years   under   work   to   residence   visa can    apply    for    residence    under    Residence    from    Work    visa.   This    encourages    the    people working   in   New   Zealand   to   develop   a   long   term   relationship.   The   other   basic   requirements of health, character and language are also applicable. Employee of a Relocating Company The   key   personals   of   any   business   who   are   relocating   their   operations   to   New   Zealand   will apply   for   visa   under   this   category.   The   temporary   visa   or   permit   will   be   given   initially   once the relocation arrangements are made. Once   the   business   is   relocated   and   has   gone   through   all   the   relevant   procedures   residence can be granted. Temporary Work Working Holiday There   are   several   schemes   available   for   many   countries   allowing   individuals   to   visit   New Zealand    temporarily    for    a    working    holiday.    The    individuals    for    jobs    in    the    field    of agriculture,   horticulture   and   viticulture   are   readily   available. A   working   holiday   visa   usually allows the visitor to stay up to 12 months. Seasonal Work in the Horticulture and Viticulture Industries There   are   many   seasonal   work   schemes   allowing   temporary   workers   to   work   in   New   Zealand in   the   areas   of   horticulture   and   viticulture.   These   schemes   are   to   fill   the   seasonal   gap   of workers   in   New   Zealand.   Usually   an   individual   having   an   age   range   between   18   to   30   years   is allowed to go for seasonal work visa to New Zealand. Silver Fern Policies A    person    having    age    between    20    to    35    year    with    adequate    professional    qualification, sufficient   level   of   English   proficiency   and   enough   funds   for   self   support   can   apply   for   Silver Fern   job   search. This   policy   allows   the   overseas   person   to   go   for   a   job   search   for   nine   month in New Zealand. Once   the   job   seeker   has   got   a   skilled   employment   he   can   apply   for   Silver   Fern   Practical Experience visa. This will allow that person to work in New Zealand for up to two years.
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