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At   present,   there   are   over   500   higher   educational   institutions   in   Malaysia   but   only   about   200 of these institutions are given permission to recruit international students. It   is   important   for   international   students   to   note   that   they   are   only   allowed   to   study   in higher educational institutions which are approved by the following two authorities: Ministry    of    Higher    Education    (in    Malay:    Kementerian    Pengajian    Tinggi    Malaysia)    grants approval   to   institutions   to   conduct   courses   of   study,   and   Ministry   of   Home Affairs   (in   Malay: Kementerian   Hal   Ehwal   Dalam   Negeri   Malaysia)   grants   approval   to   institutions   to   recruit international students Application Requirements and Procedures Step   1   YOU   submit   an   application   form   to   study   together   with   relevant   documents   to   the intended   educational   institution   which   has   the   official   approval   from   the   Ministry   of   Home Affairs Malaysia Immigration Department) to recruit international students. Step   2   YOUR   application   to   study   is   accepted   by   educational   institution   which   will   then help   YOU   to   apply   for   student   pass   at   the   Malaysian   Immigration   Department   in   Malaysia prior to YOUR entry. Step   3   Upon   acceptance,   a   letter   of   approval   for   student   pass   will   be   released   by Malaysian   Immigration   Department   to   the   educational   institution   which   offered   the   place for   YOU   to   study.   The   educational   institution   will   send   the   approval   letter   to   YOU   while   YOU are still in YOUR own (foreign) country. Step   4   Before   leaving   YOUR   country   for   Malaysia,   YOU   must   inform   the   educational institution of YOUR port of entry (airport), flight number, arrival date and time. Step   5     Upon    YOUR    arrival    at    the    airport    in    Malaysia,    the    educational    institutions representative will receive YOU at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport. Visa   will   be   issued   to   YOU   at   the   entry   point   in   the   form   of   an   endorsement   on   YOUR   valid national Passport. Note   :   Nationals   from   The   Peoples   Republic   of   China   are   required   to   obtain   Entry   Visa   prior to entry into Malaysia) Step   6    Within   2   weeks   of   YOUR   arrival,   the   educational   institution   will   submit   YOUR passport to the Immigration Department to affix the Student Pass sticker. Procedures For Entry Into Malaysia The   procedures   below   will   give   international   students   like   YOU   a   more   detailed   explanation about   visa,   student   pass   and   other   procedures   in   order   to   enter   and   stay   in   Malaysia   for study purposes : 1. Application Procedures for a Visa 2. Application Procedures for a Student Pass 3. Arriving in Malaysia: At the Malaysia Immigration Check Point 4. Issuance of Student Pass to Students To apply for a visa to enter Malaysia   The   Malaysian   Government   has   introduced   simplified   and   hassle-free   entry   procedures   to welcome   foreign   students   like   YOU   to   study   in   Malaysia’s   public   and   private   higher educational   institutions. A   visa   is   required   but   the   procedure   is   simple   i.e.   You   do   NOT   need to   apply   directly   for   the   visa   from   the   Malaysian   Missions   in   your   country   in   order   to   enter Malaysia,   with   the   exception   of   Chinese   students   from   The   Peoples   Republic   of   China.   The visa will be issued to you upon your arrival in Malaysia at the immigration check point. To apply for a student pass for the pursuit of studies in Malaysia The   process   to   apply   for   a   student   pass   is   simple.   The   Malaysian   educational   institutions   of higher    learning    which    offer    international    students    like   YOU    a    place    to    study    at    their institutions   will   apply   for   the   Student   Pass   on   your   behalf   in   Malaysia.   Applications   will   be submitted   by   the   educational   institutions   to   the   Director   of   Pass   &   Permit   Division,   Malaysia Immigration   Department   Headquarters   in   Kuala   Lumpur.   Students   do   not   need   to   apply directly   to   the   Immigration   Department   under   this   procedure.   The   prospective   students   will be   informed   of   their   application   status   by   the   Immigration   Department   in   Malaysia   through their   educational   institutions   within   7   days   of   the   application,   irrespective   of   whether   it   has been successful or not. Therefore,   students   are   not   required   to   apply   for   a   visa/student   pass   from   the   Malaysian Embassy/consulate     office     abroad     before     proceeding     to     Malaysia.     The     educational institutions   which   enroll   the   students   are   responsible   to   make   the   necessary   arrangement pertaining   to   immigration   matters. All   applications,   processing,   approval   and   issuance   of   the Student   Passes   and   Visas   for   prospective   foreign   students   are   done   in   Malaysia,   except   for students   from   The   Peoples   Republic   of   China   (PRC).   The   PRCs   nationals   are   required   to obtain   their   Entry   Visas   from   the   Malaysian   Embassy   in   Beijing,   Guangzhou   or   Shanghai   prior to their entry to Malaysia. Documents required for applying student pass The   Malaysian   educational   institutions   are   required   to   submit   the   following   documents   to the   Malaysian   Immigration   Department   Headquarters   in   Kuala   Lumpur   in   order   to   apply   for the   student   pass   for   students   who   intend   to   study   at   institutions   of   higher   learning   in Malaysia.   The   Immigration   Department   requires   seven   (7)   days   to   process   the   application. The documents are as follows: - * An offer letter or letter of acceptance from the educational institution to the student * Student Pass Application Form (IMM14) in duplicate * Two photocopies of the students Passport / Travel Document * Two passport-sized photographs of the student * The educational institution is required to sign a Personal Bond* prescribed under Regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations 1963. No fees will be charged for the Personal Bond. Arriving in Malaysia – at the Malaysia immigration check point Upon   arrival   at   the   airport   in   Malaysia,   students   have   to   show   their   Student   Pass   approval letter   at   the   immigration   check   point.   A   Special   Pass   will   be   issued   to   refer   the   student   to the   respective   State   Immigration   Department   for   issuance   of   the   Student   Pass.   A   visa   will also   be   issued   to   the   student   at   the   entry   point   in   the   form   of   an   endorsement   on   the students valid national Passport. The    Educational    institutions    representative    will    be    at    the    immigration    check    point    to receive   and   attend   to   the   student. After   the   immigration   clearance,   the   representative   will be    responsible    to    transfer    the    student    to    the    educational    institution    for    reporting    of attendance. Note : 1.   Nationals   from   the   Peoples   Republic   of   China   (PRC)   and   the   Commonwealth   Independent States   (CIS)   who   wish   to   study   in   public   educational   institutions   are   required   to   obtain   prior consent from the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia 2. Nationals from PRC are required to obtain Entry Visa prior to their entry into Malaysia Issuance of student pass to students Students   will   be   issued   a   Special   Pass   valid   for   14   days   at   the   Immigration   check   point. Within   two   weeks   of   their   arrival,   the   educational   institution   is   required   to   submit   the student’s   passports   to   the   State   Immigration   Department   to   enable   Student   Pass   stickers to   be   affixed.   The   fee   for   a   Student   Pass   is   RM60.00   a   year   (or   part   of   a   year)   while   a   visa fee   ranges   from   RM6.50   to   RM100.00   depending   on   the   countries   the   students   come   from. All   payments   of   fees,   issuance   of   Student   Passes   and   Visas   as   well   as   renewal   of   Student Passes can be done at the relevant State Immigration Departments. Other Information  Only    immediate    families    of    students    who    are    pursuing    Post-Graduate    courses    will    be considered Social Visit Pass according to the validity of the respective Student Pass Higher   Educational   Institution   is   required   to   sign   Personal   Bond   prescribed   under   Regulation 18,   Immigration   Regulations   1963   as   a   guarantee   that   the   person   to   whom   such   pass   is   issued will comply with the provisions of the Ordinance and of any regulations made there under.
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