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Why do I need counseling to Study Abroad? The   process   of   university   selection,   application   and   admissions   acceptance   is   a   daunting task.   The   process   needs   to   be   carefully   chartered   as   in   most   cases   you   don't   even   know whether   you're   eligible   for   a   particular   college.   This   is   when   Kampus   Landing   counseling with   expertise   and   experience   comes   to   your   rescue,   and   helps   to   simplify   this   intricate process. ◊ Choice of the best overseas colleges and universities. ◊ Scholarships for International students. ◊ Ask & Answer on test preparation, admissions & visa process & studying abroad. ◊ SOP assistance and Recommendation assistance. ◊ Mock Visa Interviews. ◊ Pre Departure Orientation. ◊ Post Landing services at selected locations only. Introducing SWIFT Counseling Swift   Advisors   has   assembled   a   team   of   expert   counselors   with   years   of   experience   helping students    realize    their    dreams    of    studying    abroad.    We    provide    specialized    preparation, coaching   &   training   for   GMATTM,   GRE®,   SAT®,   TOEFL®,   IELTS   Test   &   Admissions   Abroad. Whether   its   guidance,   counseling,   information,   practice   tests,   learning   procedures,   notes, tips or study material-Kampus Landing is the place to be. Our counceling service has many benefits over traditional local counseling: ◊ We are an international student recruitment organization headquartered in the United    Kingdom ◊ We have established relationships with hundreds of colleges around the world ◊ And best of all, Kampus Landing counseling is completely free for students. Our   counselors   will   also   offer   you   an   insight   into   universities   from   different   locations   that are   best   suited   for   your   course.   The   counselors   will   assist   you   with   the   application   and selection   process   from   the   universities   you   have   chosen   to   apply   to   and   help   facilitate   the visa   process.   We   even   sort   out   accommodation   for   you   -   making   sure   you   are   settled   in before you start your course!
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