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A   Canadian Travel   visa   is   for   tourists,   short-period   student,   temporary   workers,   organ   donors and   business   people   who   wish   to   travel   to   Canada   for   a   short   stay.   There   are   three   main categories to choose from: Tourist Visa Tourist    visa    offers    a    vital    opportunity    to    enjoy    memorable    vacation    in    Canada.    The successful   applicant   is   not   allowed   to   get   engaged   in   any   kind   of   business   or   study.   Residents of   many   countries   are   not   required   to   apply   for   any   visa   to   visit   Canada. A   visitor   who   is   also seeking a job may look for employment opportunities during their visit. Business Visitor Visa Businessmen    who    wish    to    visit    Canada    to    explore    business    ventures    or    to    attend    any seminars   or   conference   and   who   are   looking   for   investment   opportunities.   The   business person   is   allowed   to   meet   with   prospective   clients   and   conduct   business   deals.   There   is   also possibility for the individual to extend his stay after completing the requirements. Organ Donor Visa Those   individuals   who   are   visiting   Canada   for   organ   donation   to   a   Canadian   resident   in   need. The   applicant   is   not   allowed   to   work   in   Canada.   All   visa   requirements   are   intact   including valid passport and heath etc.
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