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Skilled Workers and Professionals A   skilled   worker   who   is   looking   to   start   his   career   in   Canada   will   apply   under   this   visa category.   The   applicant   must   be   having   a   job   by   a   Canadian   employer   in   one   of   the   29 qualifying occupations and must possess at least one year relevant work experience. This   is   a   point   based   system   and   an   applicant   is   required   to   score   at   least   67   points.   The determining   factors   are   education   (25   points   max),   linguistic   skills   (24   points   max),   work experience   (21   points   max),   age   (10   points   max),   arranged   employment   (10   points   max)   and adaptability (10 points max). Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Fast   track   Canadian   immigration   program   is   for   those   individuals   who   have   studied   or worked   in   the   province   of   Quebec.   Those   students   who   have   completed   two   years   of education   and   carry   degree   from   recognized   educational   institution   in   Quebec   are   eligible under this category. Temporary   foreign   workers   who   have   attained   skilled   experience   of   12   months   in   Quebec and   have   completed   their   intermediate   level   French   course   can   also   apply   for   a   Canadian immigration. Canadian Experienced Class Those    international    graduates    with    Canadian    work    experience    and    temporary    foreign workers   who   have   attained   Canadian   education   or   work   experience   are   eligible   to   apply   for visa   under   Canadian   experienced   class   category.   There   are   many   Provincial   Nomination programs available to locate skilled workers to regional areas of Canada. Investor, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed People For   the   development   of   Canadian   economy   business   people   are   welcomed   to   start   or   acquire a business in Canada in federal or provincial programs. Provincial Nominees Those   individuals   who   want   to   settle   themselves   in   a   specific   province   of   Canada   under   the provincial   nominated   programs.   Canadian   provinces   make   several   programs   to   attract   the most   needed   skilled   workers   for   their   regions.   This   is   a   fast   track   program   leading   towards permanent residence in Canada.
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