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Visiting   Australia   for   short   term   tour   for   a   holiday   or   a   short   business   trip   requires   a   travel visa.   Travelers   from   around   the   world,   who   are   looking   or   adventure,   want   to   spend   time with   family   or   friends   are   required   to   have   a   travel   visa   for Australia.   We   as   a   Top Australian Immigration   Consultants   of   Pakistan   will   guide   you   through   the   whole   process   of   getting   visa under   this   category   including   documentation,   application   filling   and   submitting   it   to   the Australian High Commission. Tourist Visa Australia   is   the   sixth   largest   country   in   the   world.   It's   about   the   same   size   as   the   48 mainland    states    of    the    USA    and    50    per    cent    larger    than    Europe,    but    has    the    lowest population   density   in   the   world   -   only   two   people   per   square   kilometer.   There   were   5.8 million   visitor   arrivals   during   the   year   ended   September   2010,   an   increase   of   6   per   cent relative to the previous year. People   who   want   to   be   in Australia   for   tourism   purposes   or   other   recreational   activities   and to   meet   friends   and   family   will   apply   for   a   tourist   visa.   This   is   a   temporary   visa   that   allows the   visitor   to   stay   up   to   12   months.   After   this   visa   is   granted   to   you,   you   can   stay   for   three months   up   to   the   validity   of   your   visa.   For   persons   who   wish   to   spend   time   with   their relatives   are   required   to   provide   the   sponsorship   letter   from   the   permanent   Australian resident.   The   visitors   must   have   to   abide   by   the   conditions   that   you   cannot   work,   cannot study   more   than   three   months,   must   be   free   from   tuberculosis   etc   implemented   by   the Australian Authorities.   If   not   abide   by   these   conditions   then   the   visa   may   be   cancelled.   Only limited volunteer work may be acceptable. Working Holiday Visa The    Working    Holiday    programs    encourage    young    people    by    allowing    them    to    have    an extended   holiday   supplemented   by   short-term   employment.   The   Australia   Working   Holiday Visa   which   is   also   known   as   the   WHM   Visa,   gives   young   people   the   opportunity   to   enjoy   an extended   stay   in   Australia   for   up   to   24   months   but   they   must   be   between   18   to   30   years   of age. The   scheme   gives   Australia   Working   Holiday   Visa   holders   casual   work   rights   in   order   to supplement   their   travels.   You   must   have   sufficient   funds   to   support   yourself   also   you   must not have any substantial criminal convictions and any substantial medical issues. Those Australia   Working   Holiday   Visa   holders   who   are   working   for   several   primary   industries, including   plant   /   animal   cultivation,   fishing,   tree   farming,   mining   and   construction   work   will be   eligible   to   apply   for   a   second   working   holiday   visa,   by   doing   so   they   can   extend   their   trip from 12 months to 24. Retirement Visa This   visa   is   designed   for   self-funded   retirees   who   have   no   dependants   (other   than   a   partner who   can   be   any   age),   are   self   supported,   and   who   want   to   reside   in   Australia   during   their retirement   years.   The   visa   is   temporary   and   will   not   lead   to Australian   permanent   residence or   citizenship.   People   from   overseas   who   are   55   years   or   older   are   able   to   make   a   significant long   term   financial   investment   in   Australia.   From   1   July   2009,   Retirement   visa   holders   are able   to   apply   for   a   visa   which   is   valid   for   10   years   and   will   not   have   any   restrictions   on   the hours that they are able to work. The   Investor   Retirement   Visa   applicant   must   be   sponsored   by   State/Territory   government agency.   The   Investor   Retirement   Visa   holders   will   not   be   provided   any   type   of   Medicare   or Australian   social   security   benefits. All   this   will   be   arranged   by   the   visa   holders   their   self   for the   duration   of   their   visa.   The   successful   applicants   will   be   given   4   years   multiple   travel entry   initially   which   will   allow   them   to   travel   in   and   out   of Australia   which   can   be   extended for further 4 years after the expiration of the visa. Medical Treatment Visa This   visa   is   for   those   who   are   traveling   to Australia   for   medical   treatment   or   consultation   in Australia   or   for   people   accompanying   or   providing   support   to   patients   who   need   treatment. It   is   divided   in   to   two   subclasses.   Medical   Treatment   Short   Stay   Visa   which   is   for   those   who plan   to   travel   to   Australia   for   a   period   of   up   to   three   months.   The   Medical   Treatment   Long Stay Visa is for those who plan to travel to Australia for a period of three to twelve months. Medical   Treatment   Australian   visas   may   be   granted   for   single   or   multiple   entries.   Therefore visa   holders   can   also   study   up   to   three   months   but   they   are   not   allowed   to   work   in   the country.   Applicants   for   this   Australian   visa   must   be   able   to   provide   evidence   that   they   have sufficient    funds    to    cover    up    their    all    financial    need    during    their    trip    including    the treatments    and    the    accommodation    arrangements    as    well    as    to    pay    the    people accompanying   you   and   the   expenses   related   to   your   stay   in   Australia.   On   the   other   hand   if you   have   a   medical   condition   that   could   be   a   threat   to   public   health,   you   will   not   be granted the visa. Transiting through Australia Transit   visa   is   for   those   persons   who   belong   to   the   list   of   approved   countries   and   who   want to stay in Australia is up to 72 hours. Event Organizers and Participants Visa This    visa    is    for    those    who    are    organizing    international    events,    meetings,    academic conferences   and   seminars,   agricultural   and   economic   forums,   business   forums   and   meetings, cultural    events,    dental    and    medical    conventions,    IT    exhibitions,    sporting    tournaments, training   courses   of   less   than   three   (3)   months   or   for   those   who   are   going   for   attending   an international    event    in   Australia.    The    events    must    be    registered    by    the    organizers    at International Event Coordinator Network (IECN) Service.
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