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Employer Sponsored Worker Australia    offers    Employer    Nomination    Scheme    (ENS)    which    enables    the    Companies    / employers   (operating   lawfully   in   Australia)   to   sponsor   highly   skilled   workers   to   fullfill   the skilled   vacancies   in   their   businesses.   And   the   position   the   skilled   workers   are   provided   is   a full   time   employment   in   Australia   which   lasts   at   least   three   years   with   the   Minimum   Salary Level   according   to   the   policy   which   the   Government   has   made.   Skilled   workers   can   be   hired either   from   overseas,   or   local   people   temporarily   in   Australia.   The   Workers   will   have   a number   of   benefits   like   they   can   bring   eligible   secondary   applicants   with   them   to   Australia and   the   secondary   applicants   can   either   work   or   study.   Also   after   entering   Australia,   they are   allowed   to   travel   in   and   out   of   Australia   without   any   restriction.   A   temporary   visa   may lead   to   permanent   residence   to   enjoy   further   benefits   like   government   subsidized   medical treatment Professional and Other Skilled Migrants  There   is   a   wide   range   of   visa   options   for   applicants   under   the   General   Skilled   Migration program   which   is   a   great   opportunity   to   those   skilled   workers   who   do   not   have   a   sponsor   but the   applicant   carries   the   skills   required   for   a   particular   occupation   in   Australia.   Applicants must   have   relevant   skills   and   qualifications   for   an   occupation   mentioned   in   Australia's Skilled   Occupation   List   (SOL)   as   well   as   the   proof   of   the   recent   work   experience,   fluency   in English   language   and   age   ranges   between   18   to   45   years.   They   have   opportunity   to   have   the company   of   your   family   with   them   in Australia.   This   is   the   preferred   option   for   those   whom have no employer to sponsor them and want to live under least restrictions placed on them. There   is   a   range   of   visa   options   for   various   applicants   those   who   have   the   necessary   skills but   they   have   to   pass   the   points   test.   Those   who   do   not   have   the   necessary   skills   but   they are   sponsored   by   eligible   sponsor   living   in   Australia.   They   have   to   pass   the   points   test   less complicated than that for the skilled applicants. Australia   offers   an   18   months   temporary   visa   for   graduates   from   internationally   recognized institutions having skills demanded in Australia and they do not have to pass the points test. Business People  Australia   has   a   free   economy   market   with   high   GDP   per   capita   and   low   rate   of   poverty. After the   2006   merger   of   the   Australian   Stock   Exchange   and   the   Sydney   Futures   Exchange,   the Australian   Securities   Exchange   is   now   the   ninth   largest   in   the   world. Australia   is   the   world's thirteenth   largest   economy   and   has   the   eleventh   highest   per   capita   GDP;   higher   than   that   of the   United   Kingdom,   Germany,   France,   Canada   and   Japan.   Australia   encourages   overseas migrating to Australia for business and investment. The   Business   Visa   Program   encourages   successful   businessmen   to   establish   a   business   or invest   in   Australia.   Australia   allows   business   people   a   Temporary   Visa   for   up   to   four   years until   they   establish   the   required   level   of   business   or   maintained   investment,   they   will   then have    an    opportunity    to    apply    for    Permanent    Residence.    Those    who    wish    to    attend    a conference   or   go   for   a   training   session   to   conduct   business   with   an   organization   belonging   to Australia   as   well   as   those   who   have   a   bright   and   successful   investments   or   business   career and   serious   to   invest   and   conduct   a   business   in   Australia   will   be   given   a   temporary   visa which   will   further   lead   them   a   pathway   to   permanent   residence.   The   people   who   aged   55 years   or   older   and   wish   to   make   long   term   financial   investments   will   be   granted   a   temporary visa but they will not have an opportunity to apply for permanent residence. Specialist Entry  This   visa   category   is   for   those   individuals   who   are   expert   in   their   profession   and   who   want to   participate   in   social,   cultural   and   professional   activities   in   Australia.   There   are   various visa   options   including   a   permanent   visa   for   people   outside   Australia   available   for   different people   including   professionals   who   are   internationally   recognized,   skilled   people   to   enhance their   skills,   the   people   who   wish   to   join   the Australian   entertainment   industry   from   director to   behind   the   scene   roles,   Those   who   are   invited   to   participate   in   approved   social   programs such as a community benefit, household and religious workers etc. Doctors and Nurses  There   is   a   shortage   of   doctors   and   nurses   in   Australia   especially   in   regional   areas.   There   is an   opportunity   for   general   practitioners   or   specialists   to   apply   for   either   a   temporary   or permanent    visa    of   Australia    if    they    are    medical    qualified    from    a    country    other    than Australia.   Those   who   wish   permanent   residence   must   hold   medical   registration   and   the Australian    government    is    responsible    for    all    kind    of    registrations.    Medical    Practitioner seeking   a   Temporary   visa   will   be   required   employer   sponsorship   from   an   approved   business sponsor.   The   doctors   having   temporary   visa   and   do   not   have   full   registration   yet   can   work   in Australia while they are on the pathway to permanent residence. Nurses   are   currently   in   high   demand   and   they   will   be   given   priority   visa   processing   .They have    excellent    career    opportunity    to    work    with    permanent    or    temporary    residence    in Australia. All   they   need   to   be   good   in   health,   education   and   experience. Those   who   have   not the   required   skills   to   work   as   a   nurse   in   Australia   can   enrolled   there   selves   in   a   bridging program.   They   have   to   register   their   selves   with   the   nurse   regularity   authority   in   Australia as   well   as   to   pass   a   health   examination   including   chest   x-ray. The   registered   nurses   have   the opportunity   to   work   for   an   approved   business   sponsor   for   four   years   and   they   are   allowed   to accompany   their   family   members   who   can   either   work   or   study   in Australia. And   if   they   are less than 45 years of age can apply for permanent visa. Skills Australia Needs Expos The   Department   of   Immigration   and   Citizenship   arranges   an   event   that   allows   the Australian Employers    and    overseas    employees    to    meet    up    and    to    point    out    the    employment opportunities.   This    expo    highlights    the    most    needed    skills    in   Australia    and    allows    the employers   to   fulfill   their   vacancies.   This   expo   is   helpful   for   both   the   skilled   workers   and employers   to   overcome   their   needs.   The   workers   will   have   a   job   relevant   to   their   skills   but they   must   be   less   than   45   years   of   age,   having   good   English   language   knowledge,   skilled qualification   with   relevant   experience   and   willing   to   live   in   Australia.   The   expo   gives   an opportunity   to   the   employers   to   improve   their   company’s   profile   and   overcome   the   shortage of skill workers in their business. Air and Sea Crew If   you   want   to   remain   your   career   in   Australia   as   an   Air   and   sea   crew   first   you   will   have   to apply   for   a   visa   to   enter   Australia   as   well   as   you   have   to   get   registered   by   Crew   Travel Authority   in   case   of   not   having   an   Australian   or   New   Zealand   passport.   Crew   operators include    commercial,    chartered    and    cargo    flights.    Maritime    Crew    Visa    can    be    used    for commercial   trading,   scientific   research   and   public   vessel   status.   Maritime   Crews   can   only enter   to Australia   by   sea   and   they   will   be   given   for   three   years.   But   this   visa   cannot   be   used for   air   travel   to   Australia.   The   partners   and   dependent   child   can   accompany   a   maritime crew by making individual application to come to Australia by air.
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