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SWIFT   Educational   &   Immigration   Consultancy   Services    is   one   of   the   leading   Consultancy Services   in   Pakistan   dealing   in   Overseas   Educational   Programs   and   Immigration   Opportunities since January, 2001. We   are   highly   specialized   in   placing   students   in   well-reputed   academic   institutions   abroad since   decade   and   so   far   placed   thousand   of   students   in   many   foreign   Colleges/Universities   & Institutions   of   higher   Education.   We   also   provide   expert   Immigration   advisory   services   for those   candidates   who   are   willing   to   settle   permanently   in   a   well-developed   country   like CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND etc. Our   staff   consists   of   5   well-qualified   consultants,   in   which   3   Educational   &   2   Immigration experts   are   working   on   full-time   basis.   We   also   have   faculty   of   teaching   staff   of   4   English Language   Teachers   to   train   those   students   who   are   registered   with   us   to   join   Study   Abroad programs   as   an   International   Student.   These   students   attend   our   220   Hours   ESL   (English   as   a second   language)   program   to   get   preparation   for   IELTS   &   TOFEL   examinations.   We   also prepare   the   students   for   GRE   and   GMAT   to   enter   in   Overseas   Graduate   and   Post-graduate programs. Our   ESL   program   is   also   designed   for   those   people   who   are   looking   to   migrate   permanently in   a   foreign   country   on   the   basis   of   their   education   &   skills.   These   candidates   are   prepared for IELTS (General) examination to achieve 6.5 or above bands in this test.
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